Started by veterans of the Testing Inspections and Certifications (TIC) industry, QualNimbus is an information and technology service provider that is focused on building value chain optimization and information analytics solutions in the Quality Management space.

We know that organizations want their IT solutions to be agile and responsive to the changing needs of the business – Often times these needs are not met. We bring our domain and IT knowledge to bear on building world-class solutions to continually address the changing needs of your business. Our cloud based SaaS Solutions come with high availability, performance and security SLA’s at an affordable price.

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Challenges faced by Quality Management Service Providers and the QualNimbus Solution

Your Challenges The QualNimbus Solution
  • Processes are manual in nature, with limited automation
  • You want to optimize your operational costs and quality throughput
  • There is a need for clear operational KPIs for business management
  • Internal IT teams are resource constrained and overburdened
  • IT systems are antiquated, solutions are patchy and bolt-on and don’t keep up with changing business needs
  • TCO of IT systems is high with availability and stability challenges
  • Processes are very paper intensive
  • Automate the entire value chain – from Quote to Cash
  • Optimize operational costs, increase productivity and reduce manual activities while improving output quality and reducing rework 
  • Clear operational KPIs around business and workforce performance
  • Operate with limited to no IT support in-house 
  • Have access to a suite of tools and systems that continuously evolve, aligned to the industry and the needs of your business
  • Leverage reliable services to transfer information to and from QualNimbus and your systems
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate paper via a fully digital solution



Inspekt is our SaaS solution to manage the entire Inspections services value chain, aimed at 3rd party inspections service providers, and buying/sourcing companies.

You can manage the entire value chain of your inspection service online with Inspekt – from order capture and scheduling thru field order execution and report generation all the way to invoicing and operational reporting.

Inspekt is highly configurable – you can build and customize your own checklists.

Inspekt also includes a portal solution that allows various players in the supply chain (e.g. the buyer, supplier, factory, etc.) to have secure online real time access to their data, reports and analytics.

Inspekt brings tremendous benefits and a lot of value at a very affordable price.

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If you are a Testing service provider – or a buyer or supplier with an in-house lab – you know the importance of having a solid master data management (MDM) strategy. Having a clean information base is critical for all of your master data – including information pertaining to Standards, Regulations, Methods, Analytes, Limits, Tests, Test Lines and, if applicable, Test Packages and Test Protocols among other things.

This is especially critical when you are a large TIC service provider to ensure that you can govern this information at a scale where you may have many laboratories worldwide, and your customers expect you to provide consistent service everywhere. Just as important is to have the ability to make a change to a master data element – or Test Line – and have it automatically be reflected across every other artifact where it is referenced in (auto-cascading changes). Indeed, a solid reference data master is the foundation for business intelligence reporting and advanced decision support systems.

QualNimbus’ Test Reference Information Management Solution (TRIMS) can help with this. It is a state of the art solution that allows you to establish a solid master data management as well as master data governance strategy.

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