Inspekt: Status, Roadmap, Benefits and Pricing

Learn where we are with Inspekt, the capabilities and benefits of the system and the pricing structure of the solution.

Why Inspekt?

When we started working on Inspekt, our intent was to build a solution that helped ANYONE that provides inspection services to be able to do so in a manner that improved their productivity and profitability. We decided that we would start with the basics and build something that addressed the entire value chain of the inspection service – from Order to Invoice. We were also clear that we would remove the pain from in-house solutions to manage the business by providing a rich set of capabilities that improved and matured over time – in line with the expectations of our customers. We wanted to outline our current status, roadmap, product benefits and pricing in this post.

We are looking to work with Buying houses that perform inspections, suppliers that have in-house inspection teams as well as service providers of any size that provide inspection services.

Current Status:

The team has been working incredibly hard on building the product and we are happy to report that we are close to releasing Inspekt. We intend to go live with the solution around mid April 2016.

So – where are we with the solution?

We have implemented all of the master data management aspects, have developed a robust Company/Program/Contact management module, allow for full workforce management, an order management module that allows capture and scheduling of orders, a full scale custom inspection protocol development module that allows for sections/on site tests/checkpoints, a field inspection data capture module, and an automated reporting module. Our first release will also have a basic invoicing module.

We are pleased to report that we will also be integrating online support directly into the tool so users can ask us questions and provide feedback as they are onboarding and using the solution.

UPDATE 20 Apr 2016: Inspekt is now LIVE! 


What else is on the Inspekt roadmap?

We have a lot more in store for the product on the roadmap:

  • We deferred the full implementation of invoicing to a later release after go-live. (Now Complete!)
  • We intend to mature the customer management module into a light-weight CRM that also allows for lead and opportunity management.
  • We will extend workforce management to support training and evaluation of the workforce.
  • Our scheduling module will move toward automated scheduling (based on workforce capability matrix, proximity, etc.).
  • We intend to build out an offline field inspections module that will allow inspections to be carried out in the field with no connectivity. (In Progress)
  • Our reporting and invoicing modules will only get richer and offer more capabilities and templates and, eventually, if the demand is high enough, we will also build a custom report builder.
  • We also intend to build new capabilities around integrity management and real time communications with staff and customers.
  • Portal capabilities to provide visibility to orders to supply chain stakeholders. (Now Complete!)
  • Enhanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities for operations and customers.
  • The system will also allow multi-lingual capabilities shortly. (Now Complete!)
  • And a whole lot more.

Customer Benefits:

What will this mean in terms of benefits to our customers? They will have a single solution that allows them to manage all of their inspection activities. Having all of the data in a structured format will also allow for better decision support and operational reporting. Most importantly, by automating a lot of the manual tasks around the process, we will be helping our customers save time and money thereby allowing them to focus on core service delivery activities thus improving customer satisfaction and capturing more business while improving their margins. All of these benefits come with the baseline promise of a robust, enterprise class solution with high degree of scalability, availability and security built in. Not only that, but our systems will evolve continuously – with a new release being put out once every month that either implements new features or addresses bugs/defects.


 Our Pricing Rationale:

We are of the opinion that our growth should be tied to the growth of our customers. If our customers grow and are successful, then we grow as well. If they don’t then we don’t. It is a simple premise – but one that we take very seriously. Our pricing structure is fundamentally built around this premise. Most organizations in the TIC industry spend between 4% to 6% of their revenues to implement a robust IT systems and infrastructure setup. Using our solution should cost you substantially less than this amount – and should deliver benefits that far exceed the cost outlay (or the alternative of maintaining status quo).

Pricing Structure:

Here is the pricing structure in its entirety:

1. A monthly Plan Fee per Company based on Users (calculated based on the maximum active users in a given month)

At the time of launch (20 Apr 2016) the pricing structure is as follows:

Plan Startup Small Medium Large Enterprise
Users 1-15 16-75 76-200 201-400 401+
Plan Fees $100 $300 $900 $2700 Contact Us
+ Per Inspection Fee $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 Contact Us

All fees are in US $. Other terms and conditions apply.

That’s it. Hopefully this helps explain the pricing structure for Inspekt. We will provide a calculator for Inspekt monthly SaaS fees on the Inspekt landing page wherein you can plug in your own numbers and get an estimate of the monthly fees.

Important Note: Going forward, the most updated pricing structure will be visible on the Inspekt Landing Page.

Trial Period

We recognize that there is a change involved in adopting a new system. Therefore we are going to launch with a 30 day free trial of the solution wherein you can implement the system for your business, get it setup and use it for a period of time to see its suitability to your needs. Starting the end of the second month, we will begin invoicing as per the model above.


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