Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.3.0 (20160618.1)

New in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.3.0 (20160618.1): On-the-fly MDM, Workforce workflow, Application Tour + Better UX

Version 1.3.0 (20160618.1): 18 June 2016


  • On-The-Fly Master Data Creation: Our users have told us that they want to have a faster way of capturing master data information – and without breaking the flow of the transaction. For example, if you are adding an order and have filled in most of the form, but did not find the factory in the drop down, you would have had to discard all the changes made thus far and go to the Company master and add the factory and then come back and redo the order capture. Site Options Menu
    Now, we have introduced a system option setting that allows companies to capture master data on the fly. Quick MDM SettingJust go to the new System Settings menu item under Site Options. You will be presented with a screen where you can set the option to enable Quick MDM Capture. A couple of important things to note:

    1. This option is OFF by default to support better information governance practices.
    2. Only users with a System Admin role can go in and enable this option. Once enabled it is applicable to all users of the system.
    3. IMPORTANT: If this option is turned on, anyone using the system will be able to add to the master data via transaction screens that they have access to. This includes people who do not have the MDM Manager role (although they will still not have access to the MDM Menu item).
    4. By turning on this option, users will be able to search for information in drop-downs and if they don’t find what they are looking for, Quick MDM Add: Examplethey will have the option to add a new record as shown in this image. Type ahead matches will still be shown in the drop-down, if information matches your typed content.
    5. On clicking the add button, a pop-up window will be shown that will allow you to capture a new record with only the minimum required information. Quick Add MDM: Example of Add
      This is done intentionally to aid in speed of data capture during transactions. We highly recommend that someone periodically review the master data and ensure uniqueness, completeness and accuracy of this information.
  •  inspekt-tour-menuApplication Tour: To help new users quickly learn and understand the features of Inspekt, we are now introducing an application tour that walks the user thru the various capabilities that they have access to. For new users to Inspekt, the Tour will start automatically on first login. To start the tour manually, go to the new Application Tour menu item under Support. User TourThe tour provides some quick pointers about what functionality exists throughout the system and how to navigate the system. (For more detailed help content check out the Training Content under the Support menu).
  • Workforce Notification Workflow: We have implemented a new feature in the Workforce screen. Before, you had to create a workforce person and type in their password and then give that to them manually. To optimize this workflow and further secure the system, we have now implemented a workflow wherein new workforce added to the system will automatically get an email with their userid (which will be their work email-id) and a system generated password. When they first login to the Inspekt system, they will be forced to change their password.


  • Menu Redesign: We have simplified the design of the menu and cleaned it up to improve flow and use.
  • Menu Memory: For new users, the Menu now opens in an “open” state by default. The menu also remembers its last state (open or collapsed) the next time you log in to the system.
  • Translations: We have added Spanish as a new translation to the User Profile language options. As always we welcome feedback about our translations and anything we can do to improve it.
  • Billing Contact & Invoice Recipient: You can now select who the billing contacts and invoice recipients will be for QualNimbus invoices.
  • Booking: Save will not close the form – but keep it open until the user closes it.
  • Protocol Creation: At the time of creation, we have made it more intuitive to remove all the sections and then add a section. One section will still always be required in any protocol.
  • Registration Verification: A Login button on this screen seemed to be confusing to people trying to sign up. So we have now removed that button. On successful verification you will be taken directly to the instance creation screen (no action required) and then onto the login screen automatically.
  • SMTP Services: We have migrated SMTP Services (sending emails from Inspekt) from Zoho to Amazon’s Simple Email Service (AWS SES). This will bring about a higher degree of reliability, scalability, deliverability, exception handling and speed/performance to email delivery capabilities in Inspekt.


  • Client Portal: The portal was displaying results even when the report had not yet been issued. This has now been addressed.
  • Report Review: The system used to allow going to a Report Review without a result being assigned to the inspection. This will no longer happen.
  • Protocol: Selection of Client Program was not working. This has been fixed.
  • Registration: The screen and email were inconsistent in the naming of Auth code (the email called it One Time Password) – which could have been confusing. We have now fixed the email so it calls it Auth Code.
  • Portal: In some very rare situations, a Client Portal user was having an issue wherein pages were being opened and closed after logging in. This has been addressed.
  • Activity Report: Under some circumstances, some fields were editable in the activity report. This has been fixed so no fields are editable in the report.
  • Revision History: In some masters, the creation record was not being shown in revision history. This has been fixed.


Click here to see the entire change log (for every release).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. With innovative capabilities such as dynamic inspection protocol management and field inspection data capture and productivity enhancing features such as automatic report and invoice generation, the solution can streamline your operations and enhance productivity thus helping you save costs while delivering a better customer experience.

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Information Security on QualNimbus Solutions

Learn about how QualNimbus secures information on its applications. You can use QualNimbus solutions with peace of mind!

Information Security

A lot of our prospective customers have a concern regarding information security on our platform. This is rightly so – as companies do want to ensure that the information they store on our systems is secured and protected.

We want to assure you that QualNimbus takes information security very seriously. We have the following measures in place to ensure security:

  • Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon AWS which has some of the highest degree of security in the world (it is even used by the US Department of Defense!).
  • In addition to this, to ensure scalability, we have multiple tiers in our applications: Web Tier, Application Tier and Database Tier. All three of these tiers are themselves secured by complex challenge/response (password) mechanisms to prevent breach.
  • The web tier is hosted behind a load balancer, which is itself secured as well.
  • We also require that every user of our system has a strong password – and only valid users can access the system.
  • All our systems also implement role based security – that allows for fine tuning of the capabilities that users have access to once logged into the system based on their role(s).
  • All transactions on our applications happen over a HTTPS connection that uses 256 bit encryption (so information cannot be hacked during transfer between your machine and our servers).
  • Finally, as a last measure of security, we store each customer’s data in a completely separate database schema – so your information is never intermingled with information of other companies.

We hope this addresses concerns regarding security. We have been able to win the trust of large, industry leading firms about our security and scalability. We would be happy to discuss any of these aspects in detail with you – just contact us.

We want to assure you again that we take the security of your information as seriously as you do. We want you to use QualNimbus solutions with absolute peace of mind!

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