Information Security on QualNimbus Solutions

Learn about how QualNimbus secures information on its applications. You can use QualNimbus solutions with peace of mind!

Information Security

Information Security

A lot of our prospective customers have a concern regarding information security on our platform. This is rightly so – as companies do want to ensure that the information they store on our systems is secured and protected.

We want to assure you that QualNimbus takes information security very seriously. We have the following measures in place to ensure security:

  • Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon AWS which has some of the highest degree of security in the world (it is even used by the US Department of Defense!).
  • In addition to this, to ensure scalability, we have multiple tiers in our applications: Web Tier, Application Tier and Database Tier. All three of these tiers are themselves secured by complex challenge/response (password) mechanisms to prevent breach.
  • The web tier is hosted behind a load balancer, which is itself secured as well.
  • We also require that every user of our system has a strong password – and only valid users can access the system.
  • All our systems also implement role based security – that allows for fine tuning of the capabilities that users have access to once logged into the system based on their role(s).
  • All transactions on our applications happen over a HTTPS connection that uses 256 bit encryption (so information cannot be hacked during transfer between your machine and our servers).
  • Finally, as a last measure of security, we store each customer’s data in a completely separate database schema – so your information is never intermingled with information of other companies.

We hope this addresses concerns regarding security. We have been able to win the trust of large, industry leading firms about our security and scalability. We would be happy to discuss any of these aspects in detail with you – just contact us.

We want to assure you again that we take the security of your information as seriously as you do. We want you to use QualNimbus solutions with absolute peace of mind!

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