Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.4.0 (20160716.1)

New in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.4.0: Customer Portal Orders, Location based Scheduling, Inspector Rating, Order Notes

Version 1.4.0 (20160716.1): 16 July 2016


  • Customer Portal – Booking Form: Customers of the service provider will be now able to directly place an order with the service provider thru the Customer Portal.Portal: OrderA few things to note:
    • The applicant type will be set to the Company Type of the Customer and the applicable Company & Contact information will be auto-populated based on the user that is logged in and be non-editable (in the picture above, this is the Buyer company).
    • The customer can only select other stakeholders (e.g. factory/supplier in the example above) from other companies that they have already transacted with before.
    • Customers will be able to ADD a new stakeholder (company/contact) if the one that they are trying to add does not exist in the drop down list.Portal: Add Customer/Contact
    • Customers can also add notes to the order, and view any notes that the Service Provider exposes to the customer.
    • Customers cannot select a protocol or edit any technical details related to the inspection (the operations booking manager will do that).
  • Inspekt – View and Edit Customer Orders from Portal: When a customer places an order from the portal, it shows up in the booking screen. We have added a field to the grid that indicates the source of the order (Portal or Operations).Inspekt: Portal OrderYou will notice that a new section shows up when the customer has added a new stake holder to the system.
    • The From Portal section shows that the customer entered for the factory/supplier.
    • The In Our System section allows the booking manager to search for the company/contact within the database. On searching an existing record, the address info is shown and the related contacts can be viewed – to make sure that the information matches.
    • The booking manager can then search and select (Select Button) a corresponding company from the existing master if they believe the information is the same. Otherwise, they can choose to add (Add Button) the information from the portal to the company and contact masters. This will create a new company record and an associated contact record based on the information provided by the customer via the portal.
  • Once the customer information has been set, the booking manager can go ahead and populate the other information in the booking screen (including protocol selection and technical details) as before. They can also add notes, if applicable.
  •  Portal & Inspekt Booking – Order Notes: We have now added the ability to add notes to orders in both Inspekt and Portal.Portal: NotesA few things to note about this:
    • In Portal & Inspekt: The user can add any number of notes. Notes can be deleted as soon as they are added (but before being saved). Once saved, notes cannot be deleted. A user can edit the notes they have added.
    • In Inspekt Only: The user can mark a note as internal – which will attach the note to the order and be visible to the service provider’s operations team, but will not be visible to the customer thru the portal. If the note is not marked as internal, it will become visible to the customer via the portal (see example in image above – the third note was added by Inspekt Operations user).
  • Booking & Scheduling – Link Location: All inspection orders can now be linked to a location (a service provider’s operating office). In the booking screen this shows under the General tab (and the field is not mandatory).inspekt-booking-location In the scheduling screen, this field is mandatory and must be selected. Note that by default, the inspectors linked to a location will be shown. Changing the location will show the inspectors for the new location.inspekt-scheduling-locationThe user can also expand the filter for location by clicking on the filter icon and selecting multiple locations from which to list inspectors.inspekt-scheduling-filter-location
  • Field Inspections – Inspector Review & Rating: We have now included the ability for the reviewer to provide feedback and a rating to the inspector(s) assigned to an inspection. inspekt-review-ratingThe reviewer will be able to add internal review comments (which the inspector will not be able to see) as well as feedback comments to the inspector (which the inspector will be able to see). The reviewer can also provide a rating (rating scale of 1-5) to the inspector.
    • Under the menu Site Options -> System Settings, we have a setting for Transparent Inspector Ratings – which, if set, will make the rating visible to the inspector (otherwise they will not be able to see their ratings).


  • Field Inspection (View Only Option for Inspectors): We have now implemented a view only option for the inspector – wherein they can come in and view the details of the inspection that has been assigned to them prior to initiating execution. They can do this at any time after the inspection has been assigned to them.
  • Field Inspection (Ability to change assigned Reviewer): The inspector or reviewer can now change the assigned reviewer to a field inspection. Once the reviewer is changed, the new reviewer will get a notification about the inspection to be reviewed.


  • Email Notification: Format of the information has been fixed..
  • Field Inspection: When a user had roles of both Inspector and Reviewer, they were unable to view an inspection after field inspection was initiated. This has now been fixed.
  • Field Inspection: We have fixed an intermittent issue wherein after the inspection was saved 3 times, the inspection date would change.
  • Field Inspection: After updating the inspection record, the colors of the results would not display when the record was opened again. This has now been addressed.
  • Contacts: The option to receive reports with specific results used to incorrectly show the result family for selection. This has now been fixed wherein the user can select specific results (related to the company and its programs) for which they can choose to receive reports.
  • Application Tour: The content in the tour has been cleaned up.
  • Menus: In certain use scenarios, the main menu would look cut off and under certain conditions, the sub menus would now show. This has been addressed.
  • User Profile: We have fixed an issue wherein the language selection drop down was getting cut off (esp. on large screens).


Click here to see the entire change log (for every release).

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