Inspekt: Offline Field Inspections (BETA)

Introducing Offline Field Inspections (BETA) capability for Inspekt where Inspectors can now perform field inspections even when offline.

Introducing Offline Field Inspections for Inspekt

We are pleased to announce the limited beta of our Offline Field Inspections module for Inspekt – called Inspekt Desktop. This capability is available today in limited Beta for the Windows platform.


Sometimes, Inspectors have to go to locations wherein they may not have internet connectivity. As such, they will then be unable to use Inspekt on the Internet. For such users, we have introduced Inspekt Desktop which will allow them to execute field inspections even when they are offline!


Yes – Inspekt Desktop is in Beta right now. We want to provide the solution to some selected customers and work with them to iron out any kinks before we do a broad rollout to all of our customers. Broad rollouts are expected to start gradually over the next month and all customers should be able to access and use Inspekt Desktop by the end of the month (still in Beta). A disclaimer upfront – Beta software can be buggy or may have changes to features (please also refer to our Terms of Service). We want to hear from you in case there are issues so we can address them and fix them (please use in-application support channels). If you are interested in signing up for the Inspekt Desktop beta, please drop us a note through the application support channels.


You will be provided a link to download the Inspekt Desktop installer for Windows. On executing the installer (please override any warnings that Windows may throw up about software downloaded from the internet), Inspekt Desktop will be installed on your desktop. The installer will also install Chromium (the open source version of Chrome) on your machine. After installation, Inspekt Desktop will be started and will run in your application tray. By right clicking on the tray icon, you can Run Inspekt Desktop (or Inspekt-D – the D stands for Desktop).Inspekt Offline

On running Inspekt Desktop, the Chromium browser gets launched with the Inspekt UI. The user needs to be connected to the Internet on first use – and has to log in to Inspekt using their Inspekt credentials. After they log in, they can then Sync Inspections (and download any assigned Inspections). Once this has been done, the user can operate on these inspections even if they are offline.


While we have tried to replicate the online experience of the Inspekt application (everything related to Field Inspection execution should work just as it does online), there are some limitations to the offline functionality (primarily because you are offline!).

For instance, updates are saved on a section-by-section basis. Thus, if there are 2 inspectors assigned to an inspection –  they can both work on 2 different sections of the inspection and save them asynchronously – and it will not pose any issues. But if they both work on the same section of an inspection, only the first inspector’s save will be recorded online. The second inspector will receive a Conflicted copy of their changes; the online version of the inspection will be synched back to the record they were working on. We intend to keep streamlining this functionality – but until then, please be aware of this.

Besides this, we will not allow for on-the-fly MDM creation in Inspekt Desktop (although existing master data such as checkpoints, on-site tests and defects can still be added during the inspection). And reviewer assignments will have to be done when online.

Also, while offline, rich report generation will not be possible (as this runs on the server) – although we DO offer a lightweight HTML report that can be printed and signed off by the inspector and factory representative. Inspekt Offline Report

However, after the information has been synched online, the rich report can be generated online as per the usual (one-click) process.

We are super excited to provide our users with this functionality and look forward to hearing from you about how it is working for you and what we can do to continue improving it.


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