Evolution of Inspekt since launch

Learn about the rapid evolution of Inspekt (QualNimbus’s Inspection Management Solution) since it was launched.

Evolution of Inspekt

The Inspekt solution is aimed at inspections service providers as well as buyers, importers and suppliers that have in house quality teams that need a solution to manage their inspections process. If this seems to be of interest, please sign up for a free evaluation trial today.

We launched Inspekt, QualNimbus‘s Inspections Management Solution on the 20th of April 2016. When it launched, it was already a full featured solution with the ability to establish master data, capture company/programs/contacts, establish custom protocols, capture orders, schedule orders, perform in-field execution of inspections and issue invoices. We also promised rapid evolution of the product.

But we recognize that our product can be a lot more – and want to deliver on our promise of rapidly evolving our solution to add features and functionalities that add even greater value for our customers. Since launching, we have put out multiple releases. And for those that have missed our updates, here is a quick breakdown of some of the highlights from each release.

Note: Each release below is a link by itself that you can click to view everything that was included in the release (new features, improvements to existing features and defect fixes).

Version 1.1.0 (20 May 2016):

inspekt-multi-languageMulti Language UI: Inspekt now supports multi-language labels on the UI. Simply go to the Profile settings under the user and change the User Language. Languages currently supported are: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French and German.

Inspekt Enhanced Invoicing

Improved Invoicing: Invoicing was significantly enhanced with line item creation enabling a detailed invoice. Discounting, deposit reductions, total applicable taxes, memos, payment terms are all available. Invoice can be generated as a beautifully formatted Word and PDF file with one click. Own invoices could be attached.

VERSION 1.2.0 (27 MAY 2016):

Inspekt Portal

Client Portal: We launched Inspekt Portal wherein SP’s customers can login and view their orders, download reports & invoices and more! Grant Portal access to Companies and Contacts via the new Portal Administration tab under the SP’s Company record.

Inspekt Activity Report

Activity Report: A comprehensive new report was built in Inspekt (for the Service Provider) to allow searching for orders via multiple criteria along with ability to view order details.

Inspekt Integrated Help

Integrated Help Content: Some of our customers (esp. in China) were unable to access our externally stored help content. So we are now hosting the help content directly within Inspekt along with an embedded viewer!

VERSION 1.3.0 (18 JUN 2016):

Quick MDM Add: ExampleOn-The-Fly Master Data Creation: 
We are providing a faster way of capturing master data information – without breaking the flow of the transaction. For example, if you are adding an order and have filled in most of the form, but did not find the factory in the drop down, you would have had to discard all the changes made thus far and go to the Company master and add the factory and then come back and redo the order capture. Quick MDM SettingWe have introduced a system option that allows capture of master data on the fly.

User TourApplication Tour: To help new users quickly learn the features of Inspekt, we are introducing an application tour that walks the user thru the various capabilities that they have access to. For new users to Inspekt, the Tour will start automatically on first login. inspekt-tour-menuTo start the tour manually, go to the new Application Tour menu item under Support.


Workforce Workflow: We have implemented a new feature in the Workforce screen. Before, you had to create a workforce person and type in their password and then give that to them manually. To optimize this workflow and further secure the system, we have now implemented a workflow wherein new workforce added to the system will automatically get an email with their userid (which will be their work email-id) and a system generated password. When they first login to the Inspekt system, they will be forced to change their password.

We introduced a lot of user experience related changes in this release. Here are some of the other improvements:

  • Menu Redesign: Simplified design of the menu to improve flow and use.
  • Menu Memory: Menu remembers its last state (open/collapsed) on next login.
  • Translations: Spanish added to User Profile language options.
  • Booking: Save will not close the form but keep it open until the user closes it.

VERSION 1.4.0 (16 JUL 2016):

Inspekt: Portal OrderCustomer Portal – Orders: Customers of the service provider will be now able to directly place an order with the service provider thru the Customer Portal. While booking the order the customer can only select other stakeholders (e.g. factory/supplier in the example above) from other companies that they have already transacted with before. They can also add a new stakeholder (company/contact) if the one that they are trying to add does not exist in the drop down list. Inspekt Operations users can then view and edit this information thru the booking screen. (View the release notes for all the details.)

Portal: NotesOrder Notes: We added the ability to add notes to orders in both Inspekt and Portal. Inspekt notes can be internal or made visible to the customer in the portal (a quick way to communicate about orders).

inspekt-scheduling-locationLink Location to Inspections: All inspection orders can now be linked to a location (a service provider’s operating office). Inspectors linked to a location will be shown. The user can also expand the filter for location by clicking on the filter icon and selecting multiple locations from which to list inspectors.

inspekt-review-ratingInspector Review & Rating: We included the ability for the reviewer to provide feedback and a rating (1-5 scale) to the inspector(s) assigned to an inspection. The reviewer will also be able to add internal review comments on each inspection.

We have a lot more enhancements and bug fixes in this release as well:
  • View option in field inspections for inspectors to view their assigned orders
  • Ability to change assigned reviewers to an inspection (with workflow trigger)

Inspekt Offline (Beta) (31 JUL 2016):

Inspekt OfflineWe are doing a gradual rollout of this capability to customers – but if you are interested, please reach out to us and we would be happy to include you as part of the Beta.View the release notes for all the details.

VERSION 1.5.0 (13 AUG 2016):

Custom Report Formats: Customers have been asking for Custom report formats (at the service provider or Buyer level). With this release, we announced the availability of premium custom report formats capability. Customers can now request us to have a customized report format which can be attached at the Service Provider level, the Buyer level or the Buyer’s Program level. Learn more…

inspekt-consolidated-invoicingConsolidated Invoicing: Another feature that our customers asked for is consolidated invoicing. You now have the option to send out a consolidated invoice at any time by pulling together multiple individual invoices into a single invoice.Learn more…

Inspekt Bridge (Beta) – Booking Web Service: We are excited to announce the beta launch of Inspekt Bridge – a set of web services that allow our customers to call a web service and send orders into Inspekt. Please send us a note via the in-application support mechanisms (or via our support email) and we can share the process to implement this for your instance of Inspekt.

inspekt-taxonomy-workcontentMDM – Work Effort: We implemented the ability to add the Sample Size that can be inspected (on average) at the Product Taxonomy level. This lays the foundation for many new capabilities in the pipeline, including a Workforce Capability Matrix, enhanced Scheduling and Order Quotation. Learn more…

inspekt-workforce-holidayWorkforce – Holiday Schedules: We already have the capability in the system wherein we can define location specific holidays. Now users can have their own holiday schedule set up in the system. Users can access this from their user profile and Workforce Managers can access this from the Workforce Management screen.

And a lot more to come…

We have a lot more in terms of new features and functionality planned for the system. We always love to hear from you – so please share your thoughts and feedback with us – including any new features and functionalities you would like to see introduced.

If you are not already a customer – we would love to have you on board. You can start a free evaluation trial today!


Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.5.0 (20160813.1)

New in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.5.0: Custom Reports, Consolidated Invoicing, Web Services, Workforce improvements and more.

Version 1.5.0 (20160813.1): 13 August 2016


  • Reporting – Custom Report Formats: Our customers have asked for the ability to have report formats that are different from the standard QualNimbus report format that can be at the Service Provider level or the Buyer level. We are pleased to announce that this capability is now available in the system as a premium service.
    • Customers can now request us to have a customized report format (send us a support request through the application and we will initiate a workflow). The customized report format will display the same information that is displayed via the default report format, but customized to reflect the formatting and look and feel that is requested by the customer. Note that each customized report format has to be individually developed, and as such there will be an extra charge for each custom report format.
    • Customized report formats can be attached at the Service Provider level, the Buyer level or the Buyer’s Program level.
    • The hierarchy of selection of the report format for any inspection order will be as follows:
      • If a report format is available at the Buyer’s Program level, it will be used when an order has that Program assigned.
      • Otherwise, if a report format is available at the Buyer Company level, that will be used.
      • Otherwise, if a report format is available at the Service Provider Company level, that will be used.
      • Else, the QualNimbus default report format will be used.
      • Based on these rules, the report format will be  automatically selected in a drop down on the field inspections screen. This can be overridden, if the user desires.
  • Consolidated Invoicing: Another feature that our customers have asked for is consolidated invoicing. You will still have to enter the details of each individual invoice associated with an order. But now you will have the option to send out a consolidated invoice at any time by pulling together multiple individual invoices into a single invoice:inspekt-consolidated-invoicingA few things to note:
    • The invoiced entity (buyer / supplier / factory) must be the same across all selected invoices.
    • Edits made to invoice notes are stored with the consolidated invoice – not stored back to the individual invoices.
    • Invoice notes can be consolidated into a single note if the user so desires (ability to edit / delete notes is provided).
    • A consolidated invoice can be edited at a later point in time.
    • Consolidated invoices can be sent to customers directly via this screen.
    • One click automated generation of consolidated invoice works just like the individual invoice currently does.
    • The consolidated invoice generation option is available under the Invoicing menu.
  • Inspekt Bridge – Booking Web Service: For customers that already have a web presence whereby they are capturing orders, we are pleased to announce Inspekt Bridge – a set of web services that allow such companies to simply call a web service and send orders into Inspekt. Inspekt Bridge is currently in public BETA. If this is something you would like to implement, please send us a note via the in-application support mechanisms (or via our support email) and we can share with you the process to implement this for your instance of Inspekt.
  •  MDM – Work Effort: We have now implemented the ability to add the Sample Size that can be inspected (on average) at the Product Taxonomy level. Now you can define how many samples an “average” inspector can inspect in 1 man-day. Simply click on the + sign on the 4th node of the taxonomy and add the number of samples. inspekt-taxonomy-workcontentIn coming releases, we will implement:
    • Workforce: Assigning product taxonomy nodes to the workforce to indicate affinity to different items on the taxonomy. Also, ability to assign proficiency (Low, Average, High) against each taxonomy node assigned. This will allow maintenance of Workforce Capability matrix.
    • System Options: Ability to assign a multiplier to each of the Proficiencies (e.g. Low = 0.75, Average = 1, High = 1.2) which can then be used as a multiplier to calculate the specific inspector’s output.
    • Scheduling: The estimated number of man-days based on the order quantities, inspection level and the work effort. The estimated actual number of man-days based on the Workforce capability when inspectors are assigned to an inspection during scheduling. Suggested inspectors will also be prioritized on the basis of capability tied to the product being inspected.
    • Order Quotation: This also lays the groundwork for us to provide quotations via Inspekt.
  • Workforce – Holiday Schedules: We already have the capability in the system wherein we can define location specific holidays. Now users can have their own holiday schedule set up in the system. Users can access this from their user profile:inspekt-workforce-holidayA new holiday can be added to the calendar by simply clicking on the day of the calendar and adding an entry. Note that the same functionality is also available from the workforce management screen. It is also important to note that Inspectors will show as unavailable in the scheduling screen if they have a holiday defined on their calendar for the scheduled inspection dates.


  • In application support (Event based help): We have now implemented the foundation of providing event or trigger driven help interventions. So now, we will be able to prompt users with a help video or deck when they try to use a capability for the first time. Stay on the look out for usage videos pertaining to first-time usage in the various parts of the application.


  • Email Notification: Inactive users were getting notifications – this has now been fixed.
  • Protocol + On the fly MDM: We have fixed an issue wherein if a defect was added on the fly while constructing a protocol, it would not be available for selection (we still had a workaround by doing an advanced search and selecting the item). Now this has been addressed.


Click here to see the entire change log (for every release).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. With innovative capabilities such as dynamic inspection protocol management and field inspection data capture and productivity enhancing features such as automatic report and invoice generation, the solution can streamline your operations and enhance productivity thus helping you save costs while delivering a better customer experience.

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