Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.6.0 (20160916.1)

New in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.6.0: Worforce Capability Matrix, Improved scheduling, Inspection Certificate, etc…

Version 1.6.0 (20160916): 16 September 2016


  • Workforce – Capability Matrix: We implemented the work effort related to a specific product taxonomy in the last release. Building on top of that functionality we are now rolling out the Capability Matrix. Workforce Managers can assign specific product taxonomies to a workforce as their capabilities. In addition, they can indicate the proficiency of the workforce in that specific product taxonomy. inspekt-workforce-capabilityWe have a system wide setting that can be set thru the settings menu that indicates the multiplier for the proficiency (e.g. Average=100%, Low=75%, High=120%).inspekt-system-setting-proficiency

Workforce can see their capability under the Skills tab in their own profile:inspekt-profile-skills

  • Scheduling – Estimated Man Days & Improved Inspector Filter: The workforce capability is used to list available inspectors with a capability pertaining to the inspection at the top of the list in the scheduling screen. When an inspector is assigned in scheduling, the estimated man days is automatically calculated taking into account the sample size, the average number of samples an average inspector can do in a man day for the selected product taxonomy and the proficiency of the assigned inspector.inspekt-scheduling-est-md
  • Inspection Execution – Revision History: We have implemented Revision History for Inspections Execution in both the Online and Offline modules of Inspekt. Now users will be able to see all of the changes made (including by whom and when) providing a valuable audit trail as the inspection moves through the workflow.inspekt-execution-revision-history
  • Inspection – Generate Inspection Certificate: The system now lets you generate an Inspection Certificate. The Inspection Certificate can only be generated by the Report Reviewer at the end of the Reporting Workflow.
  • Image Compression in Inspekt (Online and Offline): We have implemented compression of images – with no discernable loss in image quality in both the online and offline versions of Inspekt. This will dramatically reduce the size of generated reports (overcoming barriers to emailing large reports via email).
  • Inspekt Offline – Update Notifications Push: Inspekt Offline will now be notified whenever there is a new update to functionality available. The inspector will be notified of the same and will have to save their changes and restart the application on their desktop to get all of the new code changes.


  • Booking – Shortlist protocols based on product taxonomy: We already limit protocols in the booking screen based on the type of inspection. Now we are also applying the product taxonomy as a filter to show the most relevant protocols. Of course, users will still have the option to override these applied filters by using the advanced protocol search.
  • Contractor Availability: We have now improved the workforce profile to allow contractors to indicate the days they are not available for inspections (the leave type is set to Not Available and is non-editable). This will allow you to have better visibility to contractor availability during scheduling.


  • Leave Management: System allowed to create leaves in the same date range as existing leaves. This has now been fixed.
  • Web Portal – Search Functionality: Addressed an issue where some of the fields in the web portal search were not being taken into account during search.
  • Booking Cloning Functionality: Cloning a Portal order should have created an Operational order instead of a Portal order. Fixed now.
  • Contact reporting to another contact: The system allowed a contact to report to any other contact. We have now fixed this so that a contact at a company can only report to another contact at the same company.
  • On-the-fly MDM – Sections: Fixed an issue where adding a section on the fly in the Checkpoints tab was now working.


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