Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.7.0 (20161025.1)

New in Inspekt Version 1.7.0: Quotation Management, Pricing Matrix, Analytics and more !

Inspekt Version 1.7.0 (20161025): 25 October 2016


  • Quotation Management: Your customers can now raise a quotation request via the Inspekt Portal. Your operations team can then very quickly prepare the pricing matrix based quotation that will be posted back to the Portal. Your Customer can then Accept or Reject the Quotation. If accepted, Inspekt will generate the Proforma Invoice.
  • Pricing Matrix: You can now manage all your complex pricing requirements very efficiently. You can setup your multi currency pricing by Service/Customer/Protocol/Location/Country/Region and so on. This in turn allows for easy, fast, accurate quotation/invoice generation.
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C): You can now setup your T&C documents with captions and show it to your Customer for every quotation and booking on the Portal. Your Customer has to check a box to indicate agreement to attached T&C before placing the order.
  • Analytics – Inspector Monitoring: Managers can now generate a report on percentage of Pass/Fail/Pending results by an Inspector for each factory can now be generated. Report reviewers can also quickly view this information during the review process.
  • Analytics – Failure Analysis: You can now generate rich drill down Inspection Failure Analysis by Protocol Section, by Defects, by Onsite Tests and so on. Users can easily filter by Buyer, Supplier, Factory, Product …. you can also quickly export to excel all this rich data.


  • Booking: During the inspections booking process, in addition to Buyer, Supplier and Factory, your customers and booking staff can now also capture Agency/Agent name and contacts.
  • Booking: User can capture the Country of Destination information during the inspections booking process.
  • Protocol: You can assign Protocols faster than before based on Product Taxonomy mapping.
  • Scheduling: Schedulers can now specify the precise Inspection Time during the scheduling process.
  • Field Inspection: Inspekt now maintains a time log to track the time of various events such as “Arrival at Factory”, “Document Signed”, Departure from Factory” and so on.

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