Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.8.0 (20161128.1)

New in Inspekt Version 1.8.0: Analytics, Quotation Management and more !

Inspekt Version 1.8.0 (20161128): 28 November 2016


  • Analytics – Comparative Failure Analysis: You can now generate Comparative Failure Analysis reports.comparative-failure-search-release-v1-8For any Product, you can now visually compare the performances of all your Buyers and Factories over a period of time. For any Product, you can also compare the performances of countries. In addition to graphs, the report is also available in tabular format.
  • Analytics – Benchmark Analysis: For any product, you can now compare the performance of Buyers, Factories, by country against the Industry performance.benchmark-analysis-release-v1-8
  • Quotation Module: Your operations team can now prepare a quotation (based on pricing matrix) and post it on the Customer Portal. A customer portal access is automatically created if that customer (quotation recipient) doesn’t have portal access. Your Customer can then Accept or Reject the Quotation. If accepted, Inspekt will generate the Proforma Invoice.quotation-release-v1-8


  • Protocol AQL – Configurability: You now have the option to include Section level AQLs in the Protocols and display it accordingly on the auto generated final report.protocol-aql-release-v1-8

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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