Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.10.0 (20170125.1)

Inspekt Version 1.10.0

Inspekt Version 1.10.0 (20170125.1): 25 Jan 2017


  • Booking: Inspection booking notifications to factory contacts can now be controlled from inside the booking screen.
  • Protocol Management: Protocol writers can now Preview the Protocol online and Print to PDF or printer.
  • Rollout/Trial Run Support: Via a system setting customers can now turn off outgoing Inspekt notifications and redirect them to an internal generic “Catch All” mailbox to avoid accidental notifications during the trial run.


  • Image Management: In addition to the pre-exisitng Image Interface, Inspectors can now also attach images under each section.
  • Invoice Management: The system now allows for enhanced tracking of Invoice issuance and payment, for both individual and consolidated Invoices.
  • AQL Calculator: AQL calculator User Experience has been improved.
  • Revision History: Revision History tracking has been streamlined to reduce clutter and improve legibility.

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ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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