Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.12.0 (20170324.1)

Inspekt Version 1.12.0 – Release Notes: New in Inspekt Version 1.12.0 – Enhancements to booking, scheduling, field inspections, reporting ….. and more!

Inspekt Version 1.12.0 (20170324.1): 24 Mar 2017


  • Booking: On the creation of a booking from the Portal, the System Admin and Booking Manager roles in the Service Provider are notified.
  • Booking: We now allow for order cancellations at any time after the order is placed (but before it is scheduled or in execution).
  • Scheduling: We now allow black listing and white listing of inspectors for any type of company associated with the inspection (not just for buyer company).
  • Field Inspection – Reporting: We have now allowed the upload of supplementary documentation against an inspection. At the time of sending out the report, the user will have the option to send the report with or without the supplementary documentation.


  • General: We have made the UI/UX pertaining to Single Select and Multi-Select fields consistent across the system.
  • Booking: The style number / item number fields have been expanded to 100 characters.
  • Booking: The search criteria has now been expanded to include the Booking Date.
  • Field Inspections: Now we warn users when they try to enter defect counts in a field that does not match the severity assigned to the defect.
  • Field Inspections: A system admin role can now revise the report even after it has been sent out. All changes are logged in the Revision History.
  • Field Inspections: We have now made the Reviewer selection dropdown to also have an advanced search capability.
  • Invoicing & Pricing: We have rearranged Price Item Type and Price Item as easily accessible items under the Invoicing menu item. The Invoicing screen has been updated to reflect the nomenclature more consistently as has the actual Invoice that is generated.
  • Revision History: Full AQL Overrides are now reflected in the Revision History.
  • Inspekt Communications: Email templates have now been improved to use the service provider’s logo more prominently.


  • General: We fixed an issue wherein the idle-time lock screen could be bypassed.
  • Field Inspection: If a report has been issued, the Edit & Delete action buttons will no longer be available under the images sections.
  • Product Taxonomy: We have addressed a minor issue with the Product Taxonomy Search and Sort capability.

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