Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.13.0 (20170506.1)

Inspekt Version 1.13.0 – Release Notes: New in Inspekt Version 1.13.0 – RCA/CAPA Management, enhancements to booking, scheduling, field inspections, reporting ….. and more!

Inspekt Version 1.13.0 (20170506.1): 06 May 2017


  • RCA/CAPA Management: The Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Preventive Action (RCA/CAPA) Management module now enables your Buyers to collaboratively work with their Factories to track and manage the CAPA lifecycle at a granular level for each Defect and/or failed Checkpoint.


  • Advanced Activity Report: Users can now quickly generate advanced activity reports that allows excel export of all inspection booking information, sectional results, along with PO/Lot details and Invoice details.
  • Invoice Reference Link: Customers who prefer to retain pre-generated invoice numbers issued by their F&A dept/systems can now link the invoice number with an inspection at the booking stage itself and track it throughout the lifecycle. This linked reference number will then be used for Web Services based or file upload based integration with the F&A dept/system.


  •  Security/Access Management: Admins can now manage security at a more granular level to ensure users regardless of roles have record level access as per Locations, Operating Offices, Clients relevant to them.
  • MDM on the fly: This existing feature has been further improved for faster new company master data management.
  • Invoicing Revision History: Invoicing revision history tracking is now on par with revision tracking in other modules.


  • SP logo sizing (desktop Outlook email only): There was an issue where the Inspection Service Provider logo was losing it’s dimensions on some auto emails – this impacted only those customers using Desktop Outlook email client to view the emails. This issue has been fixed.

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ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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