Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.13.0 (20170506.1)

Inspekt Version 1.13.0 – Release Notes: New in Inspekt Version 1.13.0 – RCA/CAPA Management, enhancements to booking, scheduling, field inspections, reporting ….. and more!

Inspekt Version 1.13.0 (20170506.1): 06 May 2017


  • RCA/CAPA Management: The Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Preventive Action (RCA/CAPA) Management module now enables your Buyers to collaboratively work with their Factories to track and manage the CAPA lifecycle at a granular level for each Defect and/or failed Checkpoint.


  • Advanced Activity Report: Users can now quickly generate advanced activity reports that allows excel export of all inspection booking information, sectional results, along with PO/Lot details and Invoice details.
  • Invoice Reference Link: Customers who prefer to retain pre-generated invoice numbers issued by their F&A dept/systems can now link the invoice number with an inspection at the booking stage itself and track it throughout the lifecycle. This linked reference number will then be used for Web Services based or file upload based integration with the F&A dept/system.


  •  Security/Access Management: Admins can now manage security at a more granular level to ensure users regardless of roles have record level access as per Locations, Operating Offices, Clients relevant to them.
  • MDM on the fly: This existing feature has been further improved for faster new company master data management.
  • Invoicing Revision History: Invoicing revision history tracking is now on par with revision tracking in other modules.


  • SP logo sizing (desktop Outlook email only): There was an issue where the Inspection Service Provider logo was losing it’s dimensions on some auto emails – this impacted only those customers using Desktop Outlook email client to view the emails. This issue has been fixed.

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ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.12.0 (20170324.1)

Inspekt Version 1.12.0 – Release Notes: New in Inspekt Version 1.12.0 – Enhancements to booking, scheduling, field inspections, reporting ….. and more!

Inspekt Version 1.12.0 (20170324.1): 24 Mar 2017


  • Booking: On the creation of a booking from the Portal, the System Admin and Booking Manager roles in the Service Provider are notified.
  • Booking: We now allow for order cancellations at any time after the order is placed (but before it is scheduled or in execution).
  • Scheduling: We now allow black listing and white listing of inspectors for any type of company associated with the inspection (not just for buyer company).
  • Field Inspection – Reporting: We have now allowed the upload of supplementary documentation against an inspection. At the time of sending out the report, the user will have the option to send the report with or without the supplementary documentation.


  • General: We have made the UI/UX pertaining to Single Select and Multi-Select fields consistent across the system.
  • Booking: The style number / item number fields have been expanded to 100 characters.
  • Booking: The search criteria has now been expanded to include the Booking Date.
  • Field Inspections: Now we warn users when they try to enter defect counts in a field that does not match the severity assigned to the defect.
  • Field Inspections: A system admin role can now revise the report even after it has been sent out. All changes are logged in the Revision History.
  • Field Inspections: We have now made the Reviewer selection dropdown to also have an advanced search capability.
  • Invoicing & Pricing: We have rearranged Price Item Type and Price Item as easily accessible items under the Invoicing menu item. The Invoicing screen has been updated to reflect the nomenclature more consistently as has the actual Invoice that is generated.
  • Revision History: Full AQL Overrides are now reflected in the Revision History.
  • Inspekt Communications: Email templates have now been improved to use the service provider’s logo more prominently.


  • General: We fixed an issue wherein the idle-time lock screen could be bypassed.
  • Field Inspection: If a report has been issued, the Edit & Delete action buttons will no longer be available under the images sections.
  • Product Taxonomy: We have addressed a minor issue with the Product Taxonomy Search and Sort capability.

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ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.11.0 (20170223.1)

Inspekt Version 1.11.0 – Release Notes

Inspekt Version 1.11.0 (20170223.1): 23 Feb 2017


  • Booking: Inspections Booking managers can now view and browse the location specific schedule without having to leave their booking screen.
  • Scheduling: Inspectors can now be separately scheduled for specific dates in a multi-day inspection.
  • Inspector Black/White List Management: With this new feature service providers can blacklist or whitelist any inspector for a given Buyer.
  • Custom Sampling Plan: Users can now override the standard ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 based sampling plan at the Inspection level or Protocol section level and use their own custom sampling plan.

AQL Override

  • Image Annotation: Inspectors can now annotate all images from within the application. These images and their annotations will then be printed in the final report.

Annotation Shirt

Users can also reset the annotations at any time and revert to the original image.

  • Invoice Management: Now Inspekt users can easily manage multi-operating office/location specific invoice templates.


  • Dashboard: The Dashboard has been enhanced with an improved Calendar to quickly view and browse the inspection schedule.
  • Review Management: With an improved UI, it is now easier than before to configure and manage Inspector to Reviewer mappings in the workforce.
  • Query & Results Grid: An improved search query and query results grid screen is now available.

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.10.0 (20170125.1)

Inspekt Version 1.10.0

Inspekt Version 1.10.0 (20170125.1): 25 Jan 2017


  • Booking: Inspection booking notifications to factory contacts can now be controlled from inside the booking screen.
  • Protocol Management: Protocol writers can now Preview the Protocol online and Print to PDF or printer.
  • Rollout/Trial Run Support: Via a system setting customers can now turn off outgoing Inspekt notifications and redirect them to an internal generic “Catch All” mailbox to avoid accidental notifications during the trial run.


  • Image Management: In addition to the pre-exisitng Image Interface, Inspectors can now also attach images under each section.
  • Invoice Management: The system now allows for enhanced tracking of Invoice issuance and payment, for both individual and consolidated Invoices.
  • AQL Calculator: AQL calculator User Experience has been improved.
  • Revision History: Revision History tracking has been streamlined to reduce clutter and improve legibility.

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.9.0 (20161230.1)

Inspekt Version 1.9.0

Inspekt Version 1.9.0 (20161230.1): 30 December 2016


  • Protocol Management – Introduced default sample size for Onsite Test items.
  • Image Management – Prominently displaying guidelines to prevent aspect ratio distortions


  • Dashboard – Dashboard now shows Today’s Invoice Count as well.
  • Protocol Management – Carton Specifications now include Carton Weight.
  • Protocol Management – Enhanced configuration to allow section level AQL and choose report printing configurations.
  • Booking – Booking details edit process related to change in Buyer/Factory details enhanced to improve user experience.
  • Booking  Search grid improved to clearly indicate source of order (via external Inspekt Client Portal, Internal Operations, B2B Web Services).
  • Scheduling – Estimated Man Day calculation provided with hyperlinked explanation.
  • Report  Standard Abbreviated report template modified with enhanced display of failed Defects, Check Points and Onsite Tests.
  • Mobile Verification – The mobile SMS based OTP verification process has been improved.

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Product Inspections for Retailers and Buyers – The Way Forward

Quality Control processes followed by Retailers and Buyers of Consumer Products invariably include Product Inspections for goods they acquire via their own sourcing offices or via third party vendors.

There are 3 main scenarios by which Buyers can pursue inspections, and these are detailed below. Depending on the Buyer’s specific requirements, they can also choose to pursue a hybrid approach that can combine the different scenarios to strategically address their specific operational and financial needs.

Product Inspection Scenarios

1st Party Inspections: These are inspections that are managed by the Suppliers/Factories. This option should be chosen by Buyers only where regulations/end customer allows it for low risk products, and where the Supplier/Factory is qualified for self-inspections based on maturity and a verified history of producing defect free, high quality products. Having visibility to all 1st Party QC activities via an Inspections Management Platform is essential.

2nd Party Inspections: These are inspections that are managed by the Buyer, using in-house QC/Inspections teams. Buyers who are risk averse, genuinely concerned about product quality, and thus need to directly control the QC process, will choose this option, while retaining the option of using 1st party and 3rd party inspections on a as needed basis. Running the entire Inspections operations on a robust Inspections Management Platform is crucial for success.

3rd Party Inspections: These are inspections that are managed by external 3rd party inspections service providers. This option is typically chosen by the Buyer when the regulatory market demands it and/or the buyer wants to outsource the workload and/or the risks associated with non-compliance are high and the buyer needs additional assurance.

1st / 2nd / 3rd Party Inspection Approaches At a Glance
Brand Risk2 Impartiality3 QC4
Ops Scalability
of QC
of QC (Variable)
1st Party Low High Low High Low Low
2nd Party High Low Medium Medium High Low
3rd Party Medium Medium High High Low High
  1. Management Control: Refers to the level of control the Buyer has over the QC process. While being dependent on a robust Inspections Management Platform, it shows how well the Buyer can continually improve supply chain quality, drive higher productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the inspections team, and lower cost of quality. 
  2. Brand Risk: The Buyer’s Brand risk is very sensitive to perception. Due to high QC costs, 100% inspections may not be feasible for every product that get shipped and quality issues are bound to surface some times. Buyers known to exercise greater control over the QC process and known to be “Quality Conscious” rather than “Cost Conscious”, are better positioned to protect their brand in the event of any quality issue surfacing in shipped products.
  3. Impartiality: A 3rd party by definition should have no relationship whatsoever with the Buyer or the Supplier/Factory and therefore is the most impartial. Though being impartial doesn’t mean being apathetic, the 3rd party Inspectors may lack the level of passion and dedication that in-house inspection teams are expected to possess. 
  4. Scalability: The capacity to handle fluctuations in inspection volume is high if the inspection is either managed directly by the supplier/factory or it is outsourced to a 3rd party. Usually the Buyer who chooses to use in-house QC team has a fairly good understanding of the demand and could use a combination of 1st party and 3rd party to tide over seasonal peaks, while keeping most of the inspections in-house.
  5. Cost: Typically, an in-house QC Inspection team will carry higher fixed cost, and so outsourcing the QC Inspections to a 3rd party will lower this fixed cost to some extent – some Buyers may still maintain in-house admin and report review staff as they may not fully trust the 3rd Party results. On the other hand as volumes increase, the in-house is likely to be less expensive to manage than using a 3rd party QC firm due to lower variable cost. Besides the in-house QC Inspection team is expected to improve its productivity and efficiency, resulting in lower cost per inspection over time.
The Way Forward for Buyers: A Multi-Pronged Approach
  1. Gain visibility to all 1st Party QC activities by adopting a common Inspections Management Platform.
  2. Bring in 3rd Party Inspection Service Providers for only Final Random Inspections and mandate use of the common Inspections Management Platform. As a result, this will ensure complete visibility across both 1st Party and 3rd Party Inspection activity and data.
  3. Initiate Internal QA/QC Team to start gradually bringing in-house inspection activities on the common Inspections Management Platform.
  4. Over a period of 3-9 months (depending on Team Size), have the internal QC Teams gradually perform all inspections except FRI. Consequently, this will allow for standardized inspections, eliminate data fragmentation, and furthermore ensure high level of visibility across 1st/2nd/3rd Party Inspection activities.
  5. After 9-12 months, implement a Supplier/Factory Certification Program based on reliable performance analysis that you can easily perform using the Inspections Management Platform. Henceforth, best performing Suppliers/Factories will require lower QC interventions, worse performing Suppliers/Factories will require more QC interventions – all QC interventions can henceforth be continually fine tuned, driven by data analytics.

Inspekt is a cloud based, Inspections Management Solution that manages end to end, the Order to Invoice functionality for the entire Inspections process. For additional details and to register for a free evaluation, please go to:

RegisterStarted by veterans of the Testing, Inspections, and Certifications (TIC) industry, QualNimbus is an information and technology service provider that is focused on building value chain optimization and information analytics solutions in the Quality Management space.

If you have any comments regarding this blog or would like to know how QualNimbus can help you, please feel free to send an email to QualNimbus Sales or submit your comments below.

Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.8.0 (20161128.1)

New in Inspekt Version 1.8.0: Analytics, Quotation Management and more !

Inspekt Version 1.8.0 (20161128): 28 November 2016


  • Analytics – Comparative Failure Analysis: You can now generate Comparative Failure Analysis reports.comparative-failure-search-release-v1-8For any Product, you can now visually compare the performances of all your Buyers and Factories over a period of time. For any Product, you can also compare the performances of countries. In addition to graphs, the report is also available in tabular format.
  • Analytics – Benchmark Analysis: For any product, you can now compare the performance of Buyers, Factories, by country against the Industry performance.benchmark-analysis-release-v1-8
  • Quotation Module: Your operations team can now prepare a quotation (based on pricing matrix) and post it on the Customer Portal. A customer portal access is automatically created if that customer (quotation recipient) doesn’t have portal access. Your Customer can then Accept or Reject the Quotation. If accepted, Inspekt will generate the Proforma Invoice.quotation-release-v1-8


  • Protocol AQL – Configurability: You now have the option to include Section level AQLs in the Protocols and display it accordingly on the auto generated final report.protocol-aql-release-v1-8

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.7.0 (20161025.1)

New in Inspekt Version 1.7.0: Quotation Management, Pricing Matrix, Analytics and more !

Inspekt Version 1.7.0 (20161025): 25 October 2016


  • Quotation Management: Your customers can now raise a quotation request via the Inspekt Portal. Your operations team can then very quickly prepare the pricing matrix based quotation that will be posted back to the Portal. Your Customer can then Accept or Reject the Quotation. If accepted, Inspekt will generate the Proforma Invoice.
  • Pricing Matrix: You can now manage all your complex pricing requirements very efficiently. You can setup your multi currency pricing by Service/Customer/Protocol/Location/Country/Region and so on. This in turn allows for easy, fast, accurate quotation/invoice generation.
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C): You can now setup your T&C documents with captions and show it to your Customer for every quotation and booking on the Portal. Your Customer has to check a box to indicate agreement to attached T&C before placing the order.
  • Analytics – Inspector Monitoring: Managers can now generate a report on percentage of Pass/Fail/Pending results by an Inspector for each factory can now be generated. Report reviewers can also quickly view this information during the review process.
  • Analytics – Failure Analysis: You can now generate rich drill down Inspection Failure Analysis by Protocol Section, by Defects, by Onsite Tests and so on. Users can easily filter by Buyer, Supplier, Factory, Product …. you can also quickly export to excel all this rich data.


  • Booking: During the inspections booking process, in addition to Buyer, Supplier and Factory, your customers and booking staff can now also capture Agency/Agent name and contacts.
  • Booking: User can capture the Country of Destination information during the inspections booking process.
  • Protocol: You can assign Protocols faster than before based on Product Taxonomy mapping.
  • Scheduling: Schedulers can now specify the precise Inspection Time during the scheduling process.
  • Field Inspection: Inspekt now maintains a time log to track the time of various events such as “Arrival at Factory”, “Document Signed”, Departure from Factory” and so on.

Click here to see the entire change log (for every Inspekt version released to date).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. 

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Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.6.0 (20160916.1)

New in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.6.0: Worforce Capability Matrix, Improved scheduling, Inspection Certificate, etc…

Version 1.6.0 (20160916): 16 September 2016


  • Workforce – Capability Matrix: We implemented the work effort related to a specific product taxonomy in the last release. Building on top of that functionality we are now rolling out the Capability Matrix. Workforce Managers can assign specific product taxonomies to a workforce as their capabilities. In addition, they can indicate the proficiency of the workforce in that specific product taxonomy. inspekt-workforce-capabilityWe have a system wide setting that can be set thru the settings menu that indicates the multiplier for the proficiency (e.g. Average=100%, Low=75%, High=120%).inspekt-system-setting-proficiency

Workforce can see their capability under the Skills tab in their own profile:inspekt-profile-skills

  • Scheduling – Estimated Man Days & Improved Inspector Filter: The workforce capability is used to list available inspectors with a capability pertaining to the inspection at the top of the list in the scheduling screen. When an inspector is assigned in scheduling, the estimated man days is automatically calculated taking into account the sample size, the average number of samples an average inspector can do in a man day for the selected product taxonomy and the proficiency of the assigned inspector.inspekt-scheduling-est-md
  • Inspection Execution – Revision History: We have implemented Revision History for Inspections Execution in both the Online and Offline modules of Inspekt. Now users will be able to see all of the changes made (including by whom and when) providing a valuable audit trail as the inspection moves through the workflow.inspekt-execution-revision-history
  • Inspection – Generate Inspection Certificate: The system now lets you generate an Inspection Certificate. The Inspection Certificate can only be generated by the Report Reviewer at the end of the Reporting Workflow.
  • Image Compression in Inspekt (Online and Offline): We have implemented compression of images – with no discernable loss in image quality in both the online and offline versions of Inspekt. This will dramatically reduce the size of generated reports (overcoming barriers to emailing large reports via email).
  • Inspekt Offline – Update Notifications Push: Inspekt Offline will now be notified whenever there is a new update to functionality available. The inspector will be notified of the same and will have to save their changes and restart the application on their desktop to get all of the new code changes.


  • Booking – Shortlist protocols based on product taxonomy: We already limit protocols in the booking screen based on the type of inspection. Now we are also applying the product taxonomy as a filter to show the most relevant protocols. Of course, users will still have the option to override these applied filters by using the advanced protocol search.
  • Contractor Availability: We have now improved the workforce profile to allow contractors to indicate the days they are not available for inspections (the leave type is set to Not Available and is non-editable). This will allow you to have better visibility to contractor availability during scheduling.


  • Leave Management: System allowed to create leaves in the same date range as existing leaves. This has now been fixed.
  • Web Portal – Search Functionality: Addressed an issue where some of the fields in the web portal search were not being taken into account during search.
  • Booking Cloning Functionality: Cloning a Portal order should have created an Operational order instead of a Portal order. Fixed now.
  • Contact reporting to another contact: The system allowed a contact to report to any other contact. We have now fixed this so that a contact at a company can only report to another contact at the same company.
  • On-the-fly MDM – Sections: Fixed an issue where adding a section on the fly in the Checkpoints tab was now working.


Click here to see the entire change log (for every release).

ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. With innovative capabilities such as dynamic inspection protocol management and field inspection data capture and productivity enhancing features such as automatic report and invoice generation, the solution can streamline your operations and enhance productivity thus helping you save costs while delivering a better customer experience.

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Evolution of Inspekt since launch

Learn about the rapid evolution of Inspekt (QualNimbus’s Inspection Management Solution) since it was launched.

Evolution of Inspekt

The Inspekt solution is aimed at inspections service providers as well as buyers, importers and suppliers that have in house quality teams that need a solution to manage their inspections process. If this seems to be of interest, please sign up for a free evaluation trial today.

We launched Inspekt, QualNimbus‘s Inspections Management Solution on the 20th of April 2016. When it launched, it was already a full featured solution with the ability to establish master data, capture company/programs/contacts, establish custom protocols, capture orders, schedule orders, perform in-field execution of inspections and issue invoices. We also promised rapid evolution of the product.

But we recognize that our product can be a lot more – and want to deliver on our promise of rapidly evolving our solution to add features and functionalities that add even greater value for our customers. Since launching, we have put out multiple releases. And for those that have missed our updates, here is a quick breakdown of some of the highlights from each release.

Note: Each release below is a link by itself that you can click to view everything that was included in the release (new features, improvements to existing features and defect fixes).

Version 1.1.0 (20 May 2016):

inspekt-multi-languageMulti Language UI: Inspekt now supports multi-language labels on the UI. Simply go to the Profile settings under the user and change the User Language. Languages currently supported are: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French and German.

Inspekt Enhanced Invoicing

Improved Invoicing: Invoicing was significantly enhanced with line item creation enabling a detailed invoice. Discounting, deposit reductions, total applicable taxes, memos, payment terms are all available. Invoice can be generated as a beautifully formatted Word and PDF file with one click. Own invoices could be attached.

VERSION 1.2.0 (27 MAY 2016):

Inspekt Portal

Client Portal: We launched Inspekt Portal wherein SP’s customers can login and view their orders, download reports & invoices and more! Grant Portal access to Companies and Contacts via the new Portal Administration tab under the SP’s Company record.

Inspekt Activity Report

Activity Report: A comprehensive new report was built in Inspekt (for the Service Provider) to allow searching for orders via multiple criteria along with ability to view order details.

Inspekt Integrated Help

Integrated Help Content: Some of our customers (esp. in China) were unable to access our externally stored help content. So we are now hosting the help content directly within Inspekt along with an embedded viewer!

VERSION 1.3.0 (18 JUN 2016):

Quick MDM Add: ExampleOn-The-Fly Master Data Creation: 
We are providing a faster way of capturing master data information – without breaking the flow of the transaction. For example, if you are adding an order and have filled in most of the form, but did not find the factory in the drop down, you would have had to discard all the changes made thus far and go to the Company master and add the factory and then come back and redo the order capture. Quick MDM SettingWe have introduced a system option that allows capture of master data on the fly.

User TourApplication Tour: To help new users quickly learn the features of Inspekt, we are introducing an application tour that walks the user thru the various capabilities that they have access to. For new users to Inspekt, the Tour will start automatically on first login. inspekt-tour-menuTo start the tour manually, go to the new Application Tour menu item under Support.


Workforce Workflow: We have implemented a new feature in the Workforce screen. Before, you had to create a workforce person and type in their password and then give that to them manually. To optimize this workflow and further secure the system, we have now implemented a workflow wherein new workforce added to the system will automatically get an email with their userid (which will be their work email-id) and a system generated password. When they first login to the Inspekt system, they will be forced to change their password.

We introduced a lot of user experience related changes in this release. Here are some of the other improvements:

  • Menu Redesign: Simplified design of the menu to improve flow and use.
  • Menu Memory: Menu remembers its last state (open/collapsed) on next login.
  • Translations: Spanish added to User Profile language options.
  • Booking: Save will not close the form but keep it open until the user closes it.

VERSION 1.4.0 (16 JUL 2016):

Inspekt: Portal OrderCustomer Portal – Orders: Customers of the service provider will be now able to directly place an order with the service provider thru the Customer Portal. While booking the order the customer can only select other stakeholders (e.g. factory/supplier in the example above) from other companies that they have already transacted with before. They can also add a new stakeholder (company/contact) if the one that they are trying to add does not exist in the drop down list. Inspekt Operations users can then view and edit this information thru the booking screen. (View the release notes for all the details.)

Portal: NotesOrder Notes: We added the ability to add notes to orders in both Inspekt and Portal. Inspekt notes can be internal or made visible to the customer in the portal (a quick way to communicate about orders).

inspekt-scheduling-locationLink Location to Inspections: All inspection orders can now be linked to a location (a service provider’s operating office). Inspectors linked to a location will be shown. The user can also expand the filter for location by clicking on the filter icon and selecting multiple locations from which to list inspectors.

inspekt-review-ratingInspector Review & Rating: We included the ability for the reviewer to provide feedback and a rating (1-5 scale) to the inspector(s) assigned to an inspection. The reviewer will also be able to add internal review comments on each inspection.

We have a lot more enhancements and bug fixes in this release as well:
  • View option in field inspections for inspectors to view their assigned orders
  • Ability to change assigned reviewers to an inspection (with workflow trigger)

Inspekt Offline (Beta) (31 JUL 2016):

Inspekt OfflineWe are doing a gradual rollout of this capability to customers – but if you are interested, please reach out to us and we would be happy to include you as part of the Beta.View the release notes for all the details.

VERSION 1.5.0 (13 AUG 2016):

Custom Report Formats: Customers have been asking for Custom report formats (at the service provider or Buyer level). With this release, we announced the availability of premium custom report formats capability. Customers can now request us to have a customized report format which can be attached at the Service Provider level, the Buyer level or the Buyer’s Program level. Learn more…

inspekt-consolidated-invoicingConsolidated Invoicing: Another feature that our customers asked for is consolidated invoicing. You now have the option to send out a consolidated invoice at any time by pulling together multiple individual invoices into a single invoice.Learn more…

Inspekt Bridge (Beta) – Booking Web Service: We are excited to announce the beta launch of Inspekt Bridge – a set of web services that allow our customers to call a web service and send orders into Inspekt. Please send us a note via the in-application support mechanisms (or via our support email) and we can share the process to implement this for your instance of Inspekt.

inspekt-taxonomy-workcontentMDM – Work Effort: We implemented the ability to add the Sample Size that can be inspected (on average) at the Product Taxonomy level. This lays the foundation for many new capabilities in the pipeline, including a Workforce Capability Matrix, enhanced Scheduling and Order Quotation. Learn more…

inspekt-workforce-holidayWorkforce – Holiday Schedules: We already have the capability in the system wherein we can define location specific holidays. Now users can have their own holiday schedule set up in the system. Users can access this from their user profile and Workforce Managers can access this from the Workforce Management screen.

And a lot more to come…

We have a lot more in terms of new features and functionality planned for the system. We always love to hear from you – so please share your thoughts and feedback with us – including any new features and functionalities you would like to see introduced.

If you are not already a customer – we would love to have you on board. You can start a free evaluation trial today!