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    While we work hard to try and ensure that you have a bug-free solution, we recognize that sometimes those pesky things get by us. We appreciate your taking the time to tell us about any bugs or issues you may find.

    We log every issue into our Issue Tracking solution and run it down to resolution. Where possible we will try to update the issues in here with status updates.

    It always helps us expedite solutions when we can reproduce the issue. Please try to provide us as much detail as you can regarding bugs and issues. Here’s a simple template that you can use to report bugs:

    Issue Name:

    What were you trying to do:

    Issue Description:

    Steps to recreate:

    Impact: Can’t use the system / Can continue with a workaround / Minor or cosmetic issue

    Browser URL (when issue occurred):

    Browser Used: Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari / Edge [Please provide browser version if possible]

    Operating System: Windows / Linux /etc.


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