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    Our products are built and matured with feedback from our customers. We love that our customers want to help us improve our solutions so we can deliver greater value to them. We truly appreciate this and want to thank you for taking the time to improve our solutions.

    We log every feature request into our Feature Tracking solution and give it serious consideration. Some things make it into future releases, other may not. Where possible we will try to update the request in here with status updates.

    It always helps us when we understand what the driving need for the feature request is. Please try to provide us as much detail as you can – here’s a simple template that you can use to request new features:

    Application Name: TRIMS / Inspekt / SMARTPortal / SMARTClient / An application that has not been built but that should be!

    Feature Name:

    What is your need (What are you trying to do?):

    Describe the new feature or functionality you would like:

    How would this benefit you?:

    Value to your business (1=Low to 10=High):

    Urgency of Need: Now! / Soon / Whenever you get to it


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