INSPEKT – Inspections & Audits Management Solution

What is Inspekt?

Inspekt is our SaaS solution to manage the entire value chain pertaining to Inspections and Audits Services. The solution is aimed primarily at small to medium sized Service Providers as well as Buying houses or Importers based in the sourcing regions that have their own in-house QC teams.




Key Features

Master Data Management


The system offers rich master data management capabilities with an easy to use interface. This includes the ability to capture full Workforce information, Company (including Buyers, Factories, etc.), Client Programs and Contacts. On the fly MDM creation supported.

Protocols / Checklists


Establish your own Checklist items, On-site tests, Defects and pull them all together into comprehensive Section based Protocols and Checklists. You can create an unlimited number of protocols – both generic (product centric) or Client specific.

Order Management


Our order management module also allows you to rapidly capture order information. Previous orders can also be cloned (copied) to create new orders saving significant time in the order capture process.

Order Scheduling


Orders can be visually scheduled with a clear view of inspector availability (green=available, red=booked) as well as one click view of the inspectors’ calendars.

Field Execution


Order execution dynamically renders the assigned protocol and allows for rapid data capture. Item results are automatically rolled up to the section and overall level. Image attachments and captioning is easy & quick. Offline capability is also available!


Report generation is fully automated (with Word & PDF outputs in both long & abbreviated formats) saving hours of report typing. Report review workflows are integrated.

Reporting & Invoicing


Rapidly capture detailed invoice information and generate a beautifully formatted invoice document in Word/PDF format with one click. Now with the ability to create consolidated invoices.


Provide access to your customers and contacts to place orders, view order status, results and download reports and invoices. Unlimited standard Client Portals included! Lots of capabilities planned for Client Portals on the roadmap.


Comprehensive operational reports included to query and view information. Lots more operations reporting and analysis tools are planned on the roadmap.

Other features:

  • Integrated online help & support directly within the application.
  • Comprehensive and additive role based security throughout the system
  • Complete audit trail (revision history) of all activities in the system
  • Intuitive and easy to use with streamlined & modern user interface
  • Always updated dashboard view

Key Customer Benefits:

Inspekt provides tremendous benefits in terms of automating the inspection and audit workflow:

  • A single integrated solution that allows management all of inspection and audit activities.
  • Having all of the data in a structured format allows for better decision support and operational reporting.
  • By automating a lot of the manual tasks around the process, users of Inspekt save time and money thereby allowing them to focus on core service delivery activities.
  • Improved customer satisfaction aiding in capturing more business while improving margins.
  • A robust, enterprise class solution with high degree of scalability, availability and security built in.
  • Inspekt will evolve continuously – with a new release being put out once every month that either implements new features or addresses bugs/defects.
  • No need for in-house IT teams – QualNimbus will take care of everything related to the system. All you need is a web browser.

We release a new update to the solution approximately once every 4 weeks. You can see the changes that are being implemented in every release in the Release Notes.

Our Pricing Rationale:

We are of the opinion that our growth should be tied to the growth of our customers. If our customers grow and are successful, then we grow as well. If they don’t then we don’t. It is a simple premise – but one that we take very seriously. Our pricing structure is fundamentally built around this premise. Most organizations in the TIC industry spend between 4% to 6% of their revenues to implement a robust IT systems and infrastructure setup. Using our solution should cost you substantially less than this amount – and should deliver benefits that far exceed the cost outlay (or the alternative of maintaining status quo).

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