Test Reference Information Management Solution (TRIMS)


TRIMS is a SaaS solution that enables organizations that provide Testing services to establish, maintain and govern their core operational master reference data – including Test Lines and Protocols/Packages. Being fully relational, it dramatically improves information quality and substantially reduces operating costs, and lays the foundation for business intelligence and decision support reporting.

Key Benefits of TRIMS

  • A single source of truth for all Testing related master data.
  • Improved responsiveness to client requests for protocols creating a better customer experience
  • System intelligently and automatically cascades information from master reference data to Test Lines to Protocols/Packages to minimize manual effort.
  • Full support for versioning as well as detailed audit trails to allows for complete traceability to changes.
  • Workflows allow for control, oversight and automation of artifact changes.
  • Improved enablement, efficiency and accuracy of operational processes such as quotation, test assignment, invoicing, etc. (via future integration solutions with e-commerce & LIMS solutions)
  • Enable global governance (centralized or hub & spoke model) to address on-going business challenges relating to master test & protocol data quality.
  • Integrated product taxonomy for clear alignment of tests and protocols to products
  • Defining generic offerings to the market, rationalize existing test information assets and minimize the need for future customization.
  • Extend the coverage of knowledge base, not only for reporting and protocols generation, but with more information passed to the lab for core testing process.
  • Role based security ensures governance and protection of your Intellectual Property
  • Both the user interface as well as the captured data support multiple languages which allows for easier global deployments as well as allows for the creation of protocols in different languages (such as GB protocols in Chinese)
  • Foundation for integration with operational systems to ensure all test and protocol details are applied uniformly and consistently across the network.
  • Enable much richer data analysis / Business Intelligence reports (e.g. data mining, protocol utilization by test execution) in the future
  • Eliminate creation of duplicate or additional tests for local program or non-testing related charge items by individual labs (maintaining integrity of the master data).
  • Centralized file repository (for Protocol documents) with controlled access
  • Enable minimal human interpretation, leading to consistency and reduction in errors.
  • More knowledge diffused into testing process (e.g. testing scope, exemption, conditions)
  • Eliminate cross reference between documents like protocols, test manuals and checklists, reducing test assignment time and errors.
  • Reduce use of paper and printing cost.



What does a typical implementation look like?

  • QualNimbus conducts a workshop to walk through the TRIMS product.
  • During this process, the client’s use cases are reviewed and alignment ensured. While TRIMS is a comprehensive product, it is possible that there could be gaps with a client’s specific workflows/requirements. Where there are clear gaps, these are documented to be addressed.
  • A mini project is initiated to make the necessary client specific customizations to the solution
  • In the mean time, Client prepares the data to be loaded into the system by populating the spreadsheet templates provided by QualNimbus (except for Protocols/Packages which are directly constructed in the system)
  • QualNimbus runs an acceptance process whereby the system is reviewed (along with the primed data)
  • On sign-off the system goes LIVE.

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