Release Notes: Inspekt Version 1.1.0 (20160520.1)

Learn what’s new in QualNimbus’s Inspections Management Solution, Inspekt Version 1.1.0 (20160520.1)

Inspekt Version 1.1.0 (20160520.1): 20 May 2016


  • inspekt-multi-languageMulti Language UI: Inspekt now supports multi-language labels on the UI. Simply go to the Profile settings under the user and change the User Language. Languages currently supported are: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French and German. As a first pass, we have used Google Translate API to do translations. We welcome feedback regarding any corrections that we could make to improve our translations. Also let us know if there are any other languages we should add.
  • Payment Methods & Invoices:
    • Add a payment method
      Add a payment method

      We have now

      View QualNimbus Invoices
      View QualNimbus Invoices

      integrated the ability for our customers to add credit cards to the company profile to arrange for payments to QualNimbus. At least one card must be kept on file for automated payments at the end of the trial period to be able to continue using Inspekt. Your information is securely stored on our payment gateway provider’s web site and not on our servers. All transactions are over a secured encrypted connection.

    • The Billing section now provides listing of Invoices issued by QualNimbus with the ability to view and download invoices.


  • Invoicing
    Inspekt Enhanced Invoicing
    Inspekt Enhanced Invoicing
    • Invoicing is now significantly enhanced to allow for line item creation enabling a detailed invoice. Discounting, deposit reductions, total applicable taxes, memos, payment terms are all available.
    • Invoice can be generated as a beautifully formatted Word and PDF file with one click.
    • You can also upload your own invoices and receipts via attachments.
    • Provided option to send auto generated or manually uploaded invoice.
    • You can email invoices directly from the system to invoice recipients.
    • Bookings now allow identification of the invoiced party.
  • Workforce: Workforce now supports a Contractor indicator.
  • inspekt-grid-groupbyUser Experience: Column menu in Grids now have a Group By option which let’s users group information by the unique values in a column.


  • Login Page: added links to Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for clarity.
  • Workforce: Admin users are now prevented from deactivating themselves.


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ABOUT Inspekt: Inspekt lets you manage the entire Inspections lifecycle – from order to invoice – all from your web browser. With innovative capabilities such as dynamic inspection protocol management and field inspection data capture and productivity enhancing features such as automatic report and invoice generation, the solution can streamline your operations and enhance productivity thus helping you save costs while delivering a better customer experience.

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